Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Can But Marvel

 "Who indeed shall adequately describe any one, the simplest even, of these radiant beings? Day after day, as I watch them appear, one variety after another, in such endless changes of delicate beauty, I can but marvel ever more and more at the exhaustless power of the great Inventor. Must He not enjoy the work of His hands, the manifold perfection of these His matchless creations?"
Celia Thaxter

     While we are seeing the world through Ms. Celia Thaxter's eyes, let's continue on with some thought provoking quotes and questions to excite the young mind toward more noble and beautiful things. Let's sharpen their use of the English language and train them in the art of seeing, feeling, appreciating and then sharing in written form their observations. Following are three quotes used with great success at The Roy Academy.

     "It was so beautiful, --the dewy quiet, the freshness, the long, still shadows, the matchless, delicate, sweet charm of the newly wakened world."

     Have your student answer the following to the best of their ability in their finest penmanship:
1. Describe an early morning that you witnessed.
2. How does the phrase, "dewy quiet" make you feel? (If you cannot feel this phrase, then you MUST visit my garden before 7am tomorrow!)
3. What sounds does one hear in the "newly wakened world"? Describe it so that I may hear it too.
4. According to Psalm 113:3, what are we to begin at the earliest hour and continue through until the end of day?

     "It is such a pleasure and satisfaction to clear the beautiful brown earth, smooth and soft, from these rough growths, leaving the beautiful green Poppies and larkspurs and Pinks and Asters, and the rest, in undisturbed possession!"

1. What time of year is this?
2. How are weeds described?
3. Why is "undisturbed possession" important for flowers in the garden?
4. How can we relate this "undisturbed possession" to our souls and our walk with God?
5. What are some "weeds" that you can remove from the soil of your heart?
(Remember your answers, dear one, and apply them to your life.)

     "Violets, roses, lilies, sweet pea, mignonette, and heliotrope, with a dash of honeysuckle, all mingled in a heavenly whole. There is no perfume which I know that can equal it. And they are so lavish of their scent; it is borne off the garden and wafted everywhere, into the house and here and there in all directions, in viewless clouds on the gentle air."

1. How do the flowers produce their smell?
2. Why is it there?
3. Of the flowers listed, which fragrance is your favorite? How would you describe it to someone?
4. According the the Scriptures, what is a sweet-smelling thing to God? (To answer this question, read the following verses, then summarize to give an answer: Philippians 4:8; Ephesians 5:2; Isaiah 1:13-20)

    Dear Mothers, taking the time to teach your children a deep appreciation for the world in which they dwell and for the God who took such care in the finest details is of great importance in the formation of their character. A careless eye leads to an ungrateful heart and a terribly self-centered life. Many of us were not trained in gardening or journaling our walks in nature, but that does not excuse us from helping our children to taste and see with their own eyes the blessings found in God's creation. Understand that most of this homeschooling journey is one of learning and growing alongside your child; learning and growing with her and sharing that joy of discovery together.

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